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Join the Carousel of Mindful Creativity Today!

3 Inspiring Teachers • Over 6 hours of Creative Inspiration and Instruction for Only $25.00

Registration opens for a limited time starting on March 11, 2024.


Welcome to the Carousel of Mindful Creativity

We’ve seen them at fairs and amusement parks... carousels slowly moving round and round, glowing with beautiful lights and bright colors. Inside, the ornate horses glide up and down, little hands wrapped around their golden rope while squeals of delight are heard throughout the crowd.

This project was inspired by that feeling of joy plus the general symbolism of the carousel. The mindfulness you receive while slowing moving up and down. The symbolism of a circle and how things come back to center for inspiration. And of course, the creative inspiration of colors and fancy swirls.

Get ready for some creative fun! You will create a round journal (yes, we said round) and fill it with mindful creative projects using simple supplies guided by excellent instructuors with lots of flexibility for your own creative spin.

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Project Highlights:

  • There is 1 live class on Monday March 25, 6:00-7:30 EST via Zoom to kick-off the project (this class will be recorded).

  • All recorded lessons will be available on Monday, March 25.

  • You will receive 6 pre-recorded lessons:

    • Minette will show you how to assemble and stitch together your round journal.

    • Sheila will show you how to create a variety of easy background techniques to use on journal pages

    • Mary Rose will share ideas on how to re-purpose existing art or unfinished art in your journal

    • 1 lesson from each of us  featuring a tangled page in the journal

  • There will be a private Facebook group for community sharing, connection and asking questions.

  • You will have access to the class content for 1 year.


Our approach to this project...

  • Expect gentle creativity: learn to let go of perfection and embrace your natural flow of ideas and style.

  • Be supported by three experienced teachers guiding you through a relaxed, mindful and calm process.

  • A supply list will be provided but we fully encourage you to use what you already have. This project is about mindful creativity inspired by the carousel, not about buying supplies to finish the project.

  • All skill levels and art forms are welcome: Zentangle®, watercolor, oil painting, collage, colored pencil,…. We encourage you to make this journal your own.

  • **Please note that your registration email will be added to each of our email lists so that we can encourage and support you in your future creative journey. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time! 


Enjoy over 6 hours of mindful creativity for only $25


Registration is open for a limited time from March 11 to April 30, 2024

We are delighted to share this collaborative class with you and introduce you to the world of mindful mixed media art. Whether you are new to bookmaking, art making and Zentangle® or you are already a pro, you will love this unique approach to creative expression.


Find your personal joy on the carousel of creativity!

Whether you want to build your creative skills and learn something new or enjoy participating in a guided mindful activity, you are in the right place. By the end of this collaborative course, you will feel inspired, calm and perhaps even a little nostalgic for the joyful childhood ride on a carousel.

Register today! Gather your supplies! Join us live on March 25 as the music starts and the mindful carousel begins...

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Meet Your Teachers!

Mary Rose, Sheila and Minette have all been teaching and facilitating classes and retreats for 10 years or more. What brings us together on this Carousel of Creativity is our love of mindful creativity. We will each be showcasing some of our passion for mixed media arts along with our joy in sharing the Zentangle® method.

Mary Rose Feldman has been a Certified Zentangle Teacher® since 2017, and has worked as an artist since 2010. She has shown her work throughout the region at various art/craft shows, but currently focuses her attention on teaching Zentangle®. Her classes include projects for all levels of experience, and students are drawn toward her detailed, approachable and authentic style of teaching. Her classes are mostly taught online and include students from across the country, Canada, and beyond! Mary Rose genuinely celebrates the individual successes of each student and looks forward to each connection she can make through the love of Zentangle.

Sheila Grube is a Certified Zentangle Teacher® who is passionate about sharing the joy of Zentangle®. She is a creative, who enjoys exploring the “what ifs” of both life and art. Always up for an adventure, she believes life should be experienced, not just lived. Through her positive, encouraging approach in sharing the language of Zentangle, she offers a moment of Zen and mindfulness while creating visual magic, one breath at a time, one stroke at a time. 

Minette Riordan, Ph.D. is celebrating her 10th Anniversary as a Certified Zentangle Teacher®. While she loves a variety of mixed media art practices, Zentangle® always feels like home. Minette loves creating Zentangle-inspired art whether working on large canvases or Zendalas. She is passionate about helping others to find their unique creative voice and purpose. She believes no one should put off their creative dreams until later but make time for them now! 

Carousel instagram (3)
Carousel instagram (3)

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