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✅ Video instruction and creative exercises with Dr. Minette Riordan

✅ Printable workbook with bonus coloring pages included

✅ Lifetime access to the course content

✅ Access the course from your phone, tablet, or computer

✅ Watch on your own time - binge it all or do a little a day!

✅ Certificate of completion for 2 hours study

✅ Best of all ... a personalized color-coded emotions wheel to boost your mood day or night

Everyone gets overwhelmed by feelings and emotions at one time or another in their lives.

Whether you are feeling an abundance of anxiety or a well of sorrow, it can be challenging to know what to do with all of the energy you are experiencing. You most likely look forward to coming back to a calm, grounded center and seeing the world in full color again

Color Coded Emotions will help you go from emotional overwhelm and self-doubt to feeling calm, relaxed and stress-free.

The first step to boosting your mood is naming what you are feeling. This is often the most difficult step for all of us... emotions can be downright confusing! 

Imagine if you had a colorful tool for naming and working with your emotions. A tool that would help you transform those feelings and lift your spirits. 

Inspired by the book My Many Colored Days, written by Dr. Seuss and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, we have designed a creative video course experience to help you color code your emotions, so that you never have to second guess yourself or question, “Why am I feeling this way?”

Wondering if it could really be this easy?

Extensive studies in color psychology have proven that certain colors can impact mood from lifting your emotions to making you hungry. 

Additionally, university studies by art therapists have shown that coloring and drawing can boost our mood and relieve anxiety and that coloring mandalas specifically had the biggest impact on relaxation.

Color Coded Emotions will help you go from emotional overwhelm and self-doubt to feeling calm, relaxed and stress-free.


Color Coded Emotions is for people who:

  • Love coloring or making art of all kinds
  • Want a better way to work with their emotions
  • Need more calm, ease and joy in daily life
  •  Enjoy learning new creative and mindful practices for self-care

During the Color Coded Emotions course, you will:

  • Name your most common emotions
  • Create a custom color code that equates a particular color with a specific emotion
  • Design a personalized Color Wheel that you can use over and over again to work with colors and emotions
  •  Practice a simple and creative process for boosting your mood when you are having a rough day.
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What others have to say about Minette’s classes:

"Thank you for the relaxing and creative class." - GM

"My big take away was to trust the process. And who wouldn’t, with Minette’s calm and encouraging voice supporting us all." - DS

"Very relaxing and freeing." - JC

"These past few days have been heavenly--I'm calmer and kinder. Thank you for your influence on my life." - DH


Hi, I'm Dr. Minette Riordan

Learning to name and experience my emotions has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done! Using the 5-steps I am going to teach you on a regular basis has changed my life. I still feel worry, doubt, anxiety and overwhelm, but I am able to move through them more quickly.

I no longer avoid my emotions or stuff them deep inside.

Instead I use my Color Wheel to work with them, color them out onto the page and often make works of art that I love!

I spend more time feeling calm and grounded. I am so much more accepting of myself and my emotions.

I want this for you too.