Who is Minette Riordan, Ph.D.?

Hi, I'm Dr. Minette!

I'm a modern day Renaissance woman.

I am a teacher, writer, artist, coach, rebel, leader, deep thinker and asker of curious questions.

I'm also a loving wife, mom, daughter, sister and bff.

Do you ever struggle with all the different roles you play in your life and wonder when it will be your turn?

You've spent your life caring for others, building a career, waiting for when the moment would feel right to put yourself and your dreams first.

The years keep rolling and you are still wondering when…

I'm here to tell you that WHEN is right now. Today.

Now is the time to stop doubting, worrying or waiting. Gather your courage and say yes to you.


Your Heroine's Journey

If you are anything like me, you have a deep desire to know yourself and are committed to changing the world around you for the better.

Two of the most rewarding and challenging quests a woman can take are:

  • the one that takes you deep within yourself and,
  • the one that calls you to live fully into your potential and purpose.

This duality is the true nature of the Heroine's Journey and why we often struggle with the roles we play as caregivers and leaders.

Taking charge of these two quests - the inner and the outer - keeps you moving forward towards your best self rather than being caught in the riptide of the world around you.


A Long Winding Road

I am a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses under my belt.

I have enjoyed successes and won awards but mostly I've made a lot of mistakes, some small ones and some really big ones that ultimately helped me discover my true calling and align my life's work with my purpose.

The road to self-discovery is long and winding, there are no clear paths marked on the map. The journey is full of challenges and celebrations, solitude and support.

One of things I am at best at is embracing change.

My latest career shift has taken a decade of slowly becoming and claiming that I am an artist.

I am a painter. I paint for joy and love, for personal healing and transformation.

Owning my artistry has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, requiring me to dig deep into my stories and beliefs about myself as an artist.

I knew I was creative but that was different somehow from making the leap across the gap of I am creative to I am an artist.

That is my rebel yell: I am an artist.

What is your Rebel Yell?

I see this over and over with women I work with.

It sounds like a sad long lament that repeats over and over:

"I'm not creative."
"I can't draw."
"I can't dance."
"I can't sing."
"I can't make a living doing…"

I am on a personal mission to change your beliefs that you are not ________ enough (fill in the blank) to a rebel yell of YES I AM!

Whatever your unique brilliance is requires artistry, creativity and passion. Yes, you can make a living following your passion or you can take that passion into your family and community.

There are many, many paths to purpose.

Together we will find yours. As long as you are willing to do the inner work and the outer work of self-discovery.

Your passion and purpose may be outside your paid work.

Perhaps you are retired and looking for what will feed and nourish you next.

You don't have to turn your creative hobby into a business.

You do have to be clear!


Minette's Core Beliefs:

You have the freedom to write your own story.
Connection matters more than anything.
Your art can change the world.
Nurture creativity every day.
Play more. Work less.
Learn from your mistakes.
Celebrate the wins, big and small.
Be courageous.

From Teacher To Serial Entrepreneur

This is where I come in. I've:

  • built multiple successful businesses,
  • coached hundreds of women,
  • led hundreds of workshops,
  • written three books and over 500 blogs on business, personal development and creativity.

I've learned a thing or two - the hard way - about becoming the artist of my life.

I am passionate about making sure your deep work feels like play.

I incorporate creative, visual processes into everything that I do on the journey to help you find your calling.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I was an educator who earned my Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1995, thinking I would go on to have a lifelong and meaningful academic career.

Life had different plans for me that took me down the path of teaching high school, starting a parenting magazine while raising my two kids, becoming a life and business coach and now an artist.

I hold multiple coaching certifications including Creative Depth Coaching through JourneyPath Institute.

While I am proud of my education and commitment to learning, becoming a Creative Depth coach changed my life and my career path or perhaps what it really did was to allow me to align my education, talents and gifts with my purpose.

My deep joy flows from guiding women like you on a creative Renaissance that allows you to reclaim your purpose and place in the world.

I believe that the world needs you and your gifts now.

Never has there been a moment in history where our collective creativity is needed more than ever to create positive change.