A 12-month Expressive Arts Program for Personal Growth & Self-Discovery


Sacred Circles is a creative space and community designed to integrate your creative practice and personal growth.

Connect with a community of like-minded people to support you in living a mindful creative life so that you can reduce stress and enjoy more calm.

As a member, you will receive coloring pages, affirmations, guided videos and live community calls all dedicated to help you feel centered, calm and creative as you deepen your relationship with yourself.


100 Sacred Circles Designs & Affirmations to print, color, tangle and enjoy!


Free workbook for New Year's Day Mantra Workshop


The Self-Love Extravaganza is a digital e-book with prompts and affirmations designed to support your journey to loving yourself unconditionally and doing it a way that is creative and fun! Need some visual inspiration for how to get started? Join Minette over on YouTube for live weekly Painting in Your PJs sessions using these prompts and affirmations. 


12 original mini snowflake-inspired Sacred Circle designs created by Conner Dobson. Download and color or add Zentangle® patterns to these designs for hours of mindful creative play. Join Minette over on YouTube for live sessions each Monday on Making Mornings Sacred using these 12 designs. These live sessions will be 15-20 minutes long, focused on starting our week with a moment of mindful creative expression.


Imagine 4.5 luxurious and spacious days of creativity where you will:

  • Weave together your life stories using collage, mixed media and expressive art exercises in an intimate setting. 
  • Experience embodied creativity through adventures in art-making, exploring the beautiful natural surroundings of northern Colorado and being inspired by what you see and who you meet along the way.
  • Be fully immersed in the creative process in a new way each day as you use all of your senses and your intuition to time travel through your past, your present and your future stories.
  • Explore the archetypal time traveler as you travel through the recent past, visit the present and dream into the future through art, writing, dance and time spent in nature.