Rediscover Your Vibrant Life Vision

Can you see a glimpse of a vibrant life out in front of you but you are still struggling to clarify the pieces and decide what step to take first?

Then this is the perfect coaching program for you.

This 8 week coaching program is an intensive look at what is holding you back and a re-imagining of what is possible. If you want to learn how to be creative again and build the life of your dreams, this individual package is for you. Your VIBRANT vision is at the core of what you want, what you are building and what you are creating right now. If that vision is muddy, undecided or indescribable, it's time to get clear. Focus is Freedom!

This is a private 1-1 intensive coaching program. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a tailor made Life Vision Plan™ for creating the life you desire, based on your unique vibrant life vision, your core values and how you want to be of service in the world and in your family.

Are you nodding your head yes over and over as you read the following list of questions?

  • Are you stuck in a business or job you no longer love?
  • Are you running out of ideas and need to remember how to be creative?
  • Are you tired of putting everyone else first and being stuck in the caregiver role?
  • Are you in a major life transition and wondering who you are when you gaze in the mirror?
  • Are you ready to live a fulfilling life of purpose and meaning?
  • Do you feel your soul and heart whispering to you to be more courageous and shine your light?
  • Are you longing for more authentic creative expression?

What's included in the Vibrant Vision coaching program?

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching calls via Zoom
  • Unlimited access to Minette via email
  • Core values assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Personalized Life Vision Plan™
  • Box of creative goodies mailed to you
  • A weekly action plan to help you make consistent and positive progress towards your goals
  • 1 year membership in Minette's Visual Journaling Club (coming February 2022)

Take a minute to sign up for a free strategy session with me. Let's spend an hour together and see if we are a perfect match. I take my coaching and my clients seriously. If you are serious about turning your life around, sign up now.